Welcome to Discipline Master
Inspired by old school adventure games and old school discipline.
Become a spanker, spankee or both in this unique series of games for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Our Games

Nearly a decade ago a few M/M spanking enthusiast friends observed a lack of any adult computer games with a focus on spanking and corporal punishment. One of them was an amateur 3D artist with a few programming classes under his belt...

This foundation would eventually turn into our first game when we released Discipline Master: Episode 1 ("DME1") in July 2018.

Two years later in October 2020 we introduced Discipline Master: Architect ("DMA") whose scripting system allowed for player created scenarios in addition to the official game content. The game was further expanded with the Staff Inspection add-on scenario in June 2021.

In November 2022 we released our third game: Discipline Master: Road Not Taken ("RNT"). It puts a particular emphasis on player choices.

Discipline Master: Monitor & Prefect ("M&P") was released in February 2023. In it players follow the adventures of a class monitor and prefect.

Discipline Master: Candidate ("DMC") was released in July 2023. Players assume the role of an aspiring Discipline Master as he attempts to secure a full time position. Player choice is a key element of game play.

Discipline Master: Tales ("DMT"), released in January 2024, is our newest game. In DMT players relive the experiences of various students and staff as they take part in a research project on corporal punishment.

In Development
We currently have two games in development:

Coming July 2024: Discipline Master: Splintered Graduation

Coming Late 2024: Discipline Master: School Simulator ("DMSS"). Formerly known as School Builder, this game will simulate the operations of an entire school, with particular focus on discipline and corporal punishment.

(Featured screenshots are from Discipline Master: Tales)