Discipline Master
Episode 1

Welcome to Changi Huanghau International School - a boys only senior prep school and junior college. Create a character and take the role of school Discipline Master in a fun, tongue-in-cheek storyline campaign.


Available for PC Windows & Mac
Released: July 2018

The first ever M/M corporal punishment computer game!

With canes, paddles and more - over shorts or bare nude - spank, thrash or beat some sense into errant young men!

You are in control: order the boys to strip (or not), assume various positions and make use of a variety of tools. Shall they be punished in the office? Or in the special school punishment room?

Beyond the butt: thrash the ass - or go Catholic style on the hands. Feeling particularly sadistic? Use bastinado and other twisted East Asian punishments!

Immersive Experience: Hear the cane swish-crack, the loud paddle pop or the more intimate slap of the hands. Watch as the butt begins to mark up and see the spankee's face begin to wince in pain.