Watch above - video introduction to the Discipline Master series and gameplay of Discipline Master Candidate.

Q: What D.M. game should I start with? Should I play them in order?
A: There is a loose timeline and storyline from Architect to Aiden & Alex in Discipline Master. That being said the events of each game are largely independent of each other. (Architect is also unique in that it also includes several scenarios written by players that exist outside of the main game universe proper.)

Episode 1, on the other hand, is quite different from the later games, running on a earlier engine with a somewhat different tone of gameplay. While some characters and elements from it appear in later games, Episode 1 is considered to exist in it's own separate universe.

School Simulator (in development) is the most unique of all the D.M. games. It does not follow a fixed storyline or have characters from the other games. Rather is a simulator of the day to day operations of a school, with an emphasis on discipline and corporal punishment, that the player may take part in.

So which game should I start with then?
We recommend going with the game whose premise sounds most interesting to you!

If you'd like to play strictly in storyline order we'd recommend the following:

1. Architect (official storyline scenarios)
2. Road Not Taken
3. Monitor & Prefect
4. Candidate
5. Tales
6. Aiden & Alex in Discipline Master (in development; coming late Spring 2024)

Play anytime:
-School Simulator (in development)
-Episode 1
-Architect (player created and non-storyline scenarios)

Q: Will I like these games?
A: Do you like M/M spanking? Art? Comics? Stories? Old-style adventure games? If you answered yes to most of these we think you will enjoy the Discipline Master games.