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We respond to most e-mails within 12 hours or less.

We do not ignore e-mails. If you e-mail us and have not heard back after 48 hours, it is likely because our reply is in your spam folder or your e-mail provider censors incoming e-mail and our reply was silently blocked.

Specifically the following e-mail providers are known to us for often blocking their users from receiving our e-mails:, and Even if you e-mail us first, our replies to you may be silently blocked.

If you attempted to purchase a game and your payment could not be processed by Verotel, it is likely due to one of four reasons:

1. Your card issuer blocked the transaction

This is by far the most common reason. Sometimes card issuers block transactions they erroneously deem unusual or suspicious. This can almost always be resolved by contacting your card issuer.

2. Unsupported card type

Verotel accepts Visa and MasterCard only. American Express, Discover and UnionPay cards are not supported.

3. Prepaid Gift Cards

Most prepaid Visa and MasterCard branded gift cards (such as Vanilla Visa) can be used to purchase the games. However sometimes a particular card will just refuse to work for no apparent reason. If this occurs please contact us as we can usually charge the card manually using an alternative method.

4. Using an e-mail address

Verotel will automatically reject any purchase attempt that lists an e-mail address due to associations of fraud and cyber crime with this e-mail provider.

Login Not Working

If you just purchased a game and cannot login for the first time to download it, you are most likely entering in your username and password incorrectly. Check the confirmation e-mail you received to verify your exact username and password.

Note that usernames and passwords are CaSe SeNsItIvE. That means there is a difference between an "E" and an "e" logging in. If you are still unable to log in, please contact us directly.

Login Works; Downloads Do Not

If your username and password are accepted, but then you cannot download the game software, first verify that you are using an up to date version of one of the following modern web browsers: Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.

If you are still having issues after verifying your browser is up to date, most likely this is happening due to a third-party internet browser add-on or third-party security application that is interfering with your downloads.

Lost Username / Password

Please contact us directly.