Discipline Master Episode One
Released: July 2018

Available for PC Windows

Spanking Simulator
With canes, paddles and more - over shorts or bare nude - spank, thrash or beat some sense into these errant young men!

You are in control: order the boys to strip (or not), assume various positions and make use of a variety of tools.
Shall they punished in the office? Or in the special school punishment room?

Beyond the butt: thrash the ass - or go Catholic style on the hands.
Feeling particularly sadistic? Use bastinado and other twisted East Asian punishments!

Immersive Experience: Hear the cane swish-crack, the loud paddle pop or the more intimate slap of the hands.
Watch as the butt begins to mark up and see the spankee's face begin to wince in pain.

Adventure & Role-Play
Relive the glory days of boarding school corporal punishment - and get a taste of how it's still done in Asia today

Welcome to Changi Huanghau International - an international, boys only senior prep school and junior college.
Create your own character and then take the role of school Discipline Master in the exciting storyline campaign.

Play as you want to play:
Watch as events unfold for better or worse because of your decisions as you take part in everyday school life.
Strictly a professional educator? A caring big brother? Or simply a sadistic bastard? It's up to you!

Based on reality:
Did you know Discipline Master is a real world school position in Asia?
Found today in schools in Singapore and Malaysia, one of their duties is often caning the buttocks of errant male students.