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What's Coming Soon & In Development [message #46] Sun, 18 December 2022 22:37
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New Games:

1. Monitor & Prefect ("M&P")
-The fourth game in the Discipline Master series, Monitor & Prefect will see the player take control of Liam who has become the class monitor of a newly formed class. He is also a school prefect.
-The game will consist of eight chapters along with a intro and outro. Instead of a single narrative over the course of a day or so (as in Road Not Taken and the scenarios in Discipline Master Architect), the eight chapters of M&P will be more stand-alone and episodic in nature.
-Several new characters will be introduced along with old favorites
-The corporal punishment sessions will be more like Episode 1 visually with most sessions having unique art created
-Target release date is March 1st 2023.

2. Discipline Master Online ("DMO")
-DMO will be an online game that allows players to interact, communicate, spank or be spanked by with others from around the world.
-It is currently in early development; we're mostly working on the networking/communication side of things right now. Once the system is in place and stable we'll start getting the actual content and such going.
-It probably will not be based on earlier Discipline Master games and will use completely new art
-Pricing and sales model is still TBD
-Target release date is TBD 2023; it will not be released before M&P



Road Not Taken
-A Chinese localization is nearing completion it will likely be released in early January 2023
-We'll likely release a final version across all platforms once it is out

We are planning an update to Architect around the time Monitor & Prefect is released containing
-Updated "Prefect" scenario with an walk animation capable Liam character sprite
-New character graphics from M&P
-New Sandbox scenario
-Updated scenario creation packs, creation guide


Things we are considering doing:
-Localization of Prefect & Staff Inspection scenarios in DMA into Chinese (will depend on performance of Chinese localization of RNT)
-Localization of Episode 1 into Chinese (will depend on performance of Chinese localization of RNT)
-New porting of Episode 1 from XNA to FNA; this would see the E1's 3D tool objects in cp mode completely removed and replaced with identical 2D animations; it's the 3D objects that made the previous FNA port unstable
-Video tutorial series for scripting DMA scenarios

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